GPS location tracking

On the Business Plan and above you have the option to enable GPS tracking on your QR codes.

If this is enabled for a dynamic QR code, people who scan it are taken to a page and asked if they are happy to share their location data with you. When they make their selection, they are redirected to the scan destination.

If they consent to sharing their location, the city & country you see for their scan is much more likely to be accurate than when using the default scan location estimates that don't require an opt in.

Using this feature only makes sense for certain use cases. For example, if you want to use QR codes to let employees check in, they would generally be happy to share their location data with you.

If someone is scanning a leaflet or poster, they probably don't want to share their location with you and might not proceed to the scan destination if prompted to share their location.

You can enable and disable GPS tracking for a dynamic QR code after creating & printing it.

You need to set your Workspace organization name before GPS tracking can be enabled

If you are subscribed to a plan that supports GPS tracking, you need to set your organization name for your workspace before the feature is enabled.

To do this, go to Settings -> Workspace Settings then enter your organization name. This will be used in the opt-in page shown to people who scan codes with GPS tracking enabled

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