Bulk QR code generator

Hovercode’s bulk code generator lets you create multiple QR codes at the same time. The codes can be dynamic or static, they can all point to different links or the same link, and they can be branded and designed as you like.

We currently only support bulk creating QR codes that scan to links, so our bulk generator won’t work PDF or vCard QR codes, for example.

How to use the bulk QR code generator

The first step is to upload your links to the generator. There are two ways to do this:

Paste in a list of links

The first is the simplest and is ideal if you have a list of links you want to use to create QR codes.

To use this simple approach, paste a list of links into the “Links” field.

A screenshot of the bulk generator form with the links field highlighted with an arrow

The links have to be valid (they need to include the “http://“ part)

Here’s an example of valid links:




Here’s an example of invalid links:


www hovercode.com

https://www linkedin.com (it includes a space)

Your list of links should include one link on each line.

Using the CSV file option

The more advanced option is to use a CSV file. With this option, you can set the QR code link destinations as well as a display name. The display name helps you keep your codes organised and lets you keep track of what each QR code is for. The display name is also used in the resulting QR code file name. You can still use the CSV option without setting a display name.

You can create a CSV file using any popular spreadsheet software (Excel, Sheets, Numbers etc). To create a valid CSV for our bulk generator, the first column should be titled “links” and contain the links, and the optional second column should be “display_name” and should include the display names.

As above, the links need to be valid and include the “http://“ part. If your CSV includes a "display_names" column, that is used for the display name for the generated QR codes even if you set a display name in the next step. If you don't add a "display_names" column, you can set a display name in the next step that will be applied to all generated QR codes.

Here's an example of what your sheet should look like before it's exported as a CSV:

links display_names
https://google.com Google
http://facebook.com Facebook
http://facebook.com Another facebook link
https://hovercode.com The best site

Here's an example without the optional "display_names" column:


Once you have uploaded your links with either of the two approaches, you can optionally add tags and then move onto the next step. If you add tags, they will be applied to all generated QR codes. Tags help you keep your QR codes organised.

Designing your QR codes

At the top of this step, you should see a link count that matches the number of QR codes you’re aiming to generate. If not, something has gone wrong in the previous step.

If everything looks good at this stage, you can design your QR codes and set whether they should be static or dynamic.

A screenshot of the design step on the bulk QR code generator

Once you have a design you're happy with, you can generate the codes.

Depending on how many codes you are generating, it can take a while. You can leave the page as you'll get an email notification once your download is ready.

Your download will be a .zip file that contains .png images of the generated QR codes. If you used display names, the file names will be [display_name]_[qr_code_id].png. Without display names, they will just be [qr_code_id].png. E.g. facebook_link_4c63973f-2217-4e25-8a34-4008aa3df365.png or 4c63973f-2217-4e25-8a34-4008aa3df365.png.

Advanced usage

In some cases, you want to bulk generate QR codes that include text in the actual generated images. This is possible by using a frame that has a text element and adding {{link}} or {{display_name}} in the text field. If you use {{display_name}} in the text field. When the QR codes are generated, the text section will be replaced with the display_name or the link for the QR code.

A screenshot of the bulk generator with {{display_name}} in the text field

As always, if you have any issues or suggestions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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